Twin Compressor Install Bracket

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These were custom made for CRAWL by our friends at CMM Offroad. They are the same bracket we used in the ARB twin compressor install article in Issue 60. This bracket makes it far easier to bridge a gap, like under a seat, and still know that your expensive compressor is tucked away safely out of sight. I like it under the seat, you can mount it virtually anywhere that you have room for the compressor itself. It eliminates blind holes and the mounting of the compressor is made simpler. We also recommend the use of Lord sandwich mounts to reduce vibration, so much so that we're providing a set of four including fasteners along with nutserts for blind installation. These are also available at good hardware and fastener stores if these won't work but they will cover the vast majority of install applications. .

The bracket is pre-drilled for the compressor mounting and has holes at the four corners for bracket mounting. The overall dimensions are 13-7/16" long by 5-7/8" wide, the mount is 1/4" thick aluminum.

The CRAWL logo is engraved deep enough that you can run a DA sander over the bracket to remove any machine marks. These are rugged and ready to go. I've been running the same setup and couldn't be happier. This is a limited run.